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Prof Shekhar Verma

Professor Wireless networks, Cryptography, Machine Learning... View Profile

Prof Om Prakash Vyas

Professor Data Mining & Knowledge Engineering, Cyber Securit... View Profile

Prof G C Nandi (HAG)

Professor Soft computing, Machine Learning, Robotics and ind... View Profile

Prof Uma Shanker Tiwary

Professor Image Processing, Computer Vision, Medical Image P... View Profile

Dr Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya

Professor Wireless and Mobile Networks... View Profile

Prof Vrijendra Singh

Professor Data Mining, Machine Learning, Optimization Techni... View Profile

Prof Anupam Agrawal

Professor Image and Vision Processing, Computer Graphics and... View Profile

Prof Pavan Chakraborty

Professor Human gait analysis, Human prosthetics, Bio-metric... View Profile

Dr Satish Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Digital Image Processing, Data-Compression, Biomet... View Profile

Dr Krishna Pratap Singh

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization and ... View Profile

Dr S. Venkatesan

Associate Professor Network andInformation Security, Cloud Computing a... View Profile

Dr Manish Kumar

Associate Professor Data Management in Wireless Sensor Network, Databa... View Profile

Dr Sonali Agarwal

Associate Professor Advance data mining, Big data mining, Big data sto... View Profile

Dr Shiv Ram Dubey

Assistant Professor Research Interests: Computer Vision, Deep Learning... View Profile

Dr Nabajyoti Mazumdar

Assistant Professor My expertise includes wireless sensor network, Int... View Profile

Dr Muneendra Ojha

Assistant Professor Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language ... View Profile

Dr Naveen Saini

Assistant Professor Text Mining, Scholarly Data Mining, Information Re... View Profile

Dr Navjot Singh

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recogni... View Profile

Dr Anjali Gautam

Assistant Professor Biomedical Image Anaysis, Machine Learning, Comput... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Vaish

Assistant Professor Information Security, Cyber Law, Risk Management, ... View Profile

Dr Mohammed Javed

Assistant Professor IImage Processing, Pattern Recognition, Data Compr... View Profile

Dr Bibhas Ghoshal

Assistant Professor Embedded and real time system, IoT, VLSI design an... View Profile

Dr Rahul Kala

Assistant Professor Mission Planning for Mobile Robots, Robot Motion P... View Profile

Dr Soumyadev Maity

Assistant Professor Network security, Information security, Cryptograp... View Profile

Dr Triloki Pant

Assistant Professor Satellite Image Analysis, Fractal Geometry for Ima... View Profile

Dr Anshu S Anand

Assistant Professor Parallel and Distributed Computing, High Performan... View Profile